Environmental Policy

The company Environmental Policy, established by Directors at Family Tree gardens Ltd, takes into account the significant apsects and impacts that Family Tree Gardens Ltd has on the environment as well as from the services we provide.
Using the policy as a guideline, objectives and targets have been set at the highest levels of the organisation and cascade down through as tye minimum standards of all levels of the organisation.


The commitment of family Tree Gardens Ltd goes beyond its obligation to provide a greener workplace locally and recognises the broader principles and benefits of a sustainable environment through all aspects of Family Tree Gardens Ltd and its partners.
Family Tree Gardens Ltd is committed to the continued growth of its green practices and improvement of our environmental performance. We seek to ensure that sustainability is integrated throughout all areas of our organisation and in all our operational practices.

Current Practices

  • Meeting the international legislations and regulatory codes of practice
  • Planning towards an environmentally sustainable future and promoting this to our clients and third parties
  • Introducing and promoting recycling programs within our offices to limit our use of natural resources
  • Fostering and promoting the environmental awareness of our staff
  • Applying sound environmental practices through all of our projects where practicable.
  • Reducing negative impacts of our operation through proactive waste avoidance, waste reduction, re-use and recycling initiatives.
  • Utilising service/equipment/resource material providers who demonstrate a proactive approach to ecological sustainability   throughout their business.
  • Moving our operational equipment towards greener alternatives
  • Promoting and, where applicable, providing greener alternatives to running our administrative sites and duties
  • Applying, where possible, biophilic design into our offices.

Our initiatives are implemented and continually revised, improved and adapted to conform with the needs of society.

Thomas Nolan & James Nolan

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